The Art: From Inspiration to Creation


Kristin Lewis is a Visionary Artist with an eclectic style and avid desire to expand her creative territory.

Drawing inspiration from various subjects, she continues to explore new realms and push the envelope on what she can accomplish. By partnering with the divine and embracing her unique gifts she has the ability to navigate her own truth and inner world with sovereignty.

"I never want to box myself in to one particular style or medium - despite what I've been told over the years. By being curious about what realms I can unlock and explore and being open to the creative process I can discover and uncover the hidden gems within.
Allowing myself to have a sense of playfulness when I approach the blank page or canvas helps me develop a deeper sense of authenticity and divinity. I trust in the greater plan at work and myself more fully. 
In these spaces where I surrender to what desires to come through, instead of questioning whether or not it will fit into the current trends, I grow, flourish and evolve with ease. I learn to love myself and my life in beautiful and delicious ways.
That is the true gift my art has given me - showing me the way back home to myself through the embodiment of my passions."

Many of her ideas come to her as glimpses or visions, which is why the Third Eye graces her work so often.

She is, in essence, the very embodiment of the Visionary - bringing her visions to life through her fingertips to share with the world.

Although there are endless inspirations for her to draw from, Kristin's favorite muses are mother nature, the moon, plant allies, animal spirits, mandalas, goddesses, tarot and herself (many of her works are impressionistic self-portraits which portray and express her innermost feelings, desires and dreams).

She is also inspired by the great artists: MC Escher, Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keefe and Alex Grey. 

Her favorite creative tools are her Premiere Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Couture Inc. Pens and (very old-school) Wacom Tablet.

She has also recently discovered a passion for developing her own unique collage style where original illustrations are included in the piece. 

To see more of Kristin's work, visit her Gallery, or browse her Redbubble Shop for art merchandise such as Prints, Clothing and more!

If you would like to commission Kristin for custom artwork, go HERE or send her an Email to learn more. 


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