Wild Woman Visionary™ focuses on the unleashing of the wild woman and visionary archetypes.

Art is at the heart of the business, providing a creative hub for visionaries to seek inspiration, grow and heal through spirituality and holistic wellness.

In addition to being a source of inspiration for aspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs it is also landing spot for women to discover their divine creativity and luscious femininity. 

By offering tools and services to support women on their spiritual path they can rise up and be heard - becoming empowered to unleash their own wildness and unique gifts into the world through the power of circle, ceremony and sisterhood. 



  • To create a ripple of healing that expands outward into the world and is felt across time and space.

  • To become a fully sustainable company that creates financial stability for Kristin Lewis and her family - allowing her to grow her outreach and services.

  • To share knowledge, insights and abundance with others across the globe - as well as inspire through creative expression. 

  • To create jobs - whether through direct offerings from WWV or by empowering others to start their own spiritual and holistic businesses.

  • To continue to empower women and their families by providing access to tools and services that aid them on their spiritual and entrepreneurial paths.


Why Women?

In a time where new ideas and deep healing are needed now more than ever, it is vital that the divine feminine be ushered into the world and that women rise up together in sisterhood. After years of being silenced and enduring generations of ancestral trauma and abuse this is an era in which we can create our own realities.  

As daughters of the earth and mothers of humanity I feel we can birth new paradigms onto the planet so the generations that follow can live with their feet planted in the soil. For whether man, woman, child, flora or fauna - we all deserve to live a full and rich life on a planet that is thriving.   

Through the power of circle, ceremony and sisterhood - as well as the honoring of the seasons and cycles of the earth and moon - we can uncover our inner magic and sovereignty together in beautiful ways. 

"Embracing my femininity has been an integral part of my spiritual journey and creative path - taking me on a pilgrimage of inner discovery that led me to a space of divine appreciation and radical self-love.
As I explored the essences of my biology and energetic body with a soft and playful feminine approach my heart opened up to deep and profound healing in ways I never before thought possible - allowing me to shed outdated paradigms and old beliefs that held me back from a fully embodied life. 
By listening to the gentle whispers of the goddess within I am able to navigate the world in a beautiful way - experiencing all as sacred and divine. Instead of viewing my body as separate or the enemy, I embrace her as the holy Temple she is.
My desire is for other women to know this immense serenity and peace - knowing that they, too, can embrace their fullness, wildness and sensual prowess with ease. For we are all queens worthy of our own praise and priestesses of our own paths."  

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