Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Readings




With the aid of divination tools, reflect on your current circumstances while taking divine action towards your dreams! 


If you desire spiritual aid and guidance on:

  •  Inner Work
  •  Personal Growth
  •  Creativity
  •  Holistic Wellness
  •  Identifying and Releasing Energetic Blocks
  •  Past, Present, and Future Challenges
  •  Clarity for your Spiritual-Based Business


...then Contact me to book your Reading! (Or read below for more information.) 

What does an Intuitive Card Reading entail?


My readings are guided by my intuition and the clairs. Every message is unique and custom to the client - and can show any potential challenges or blockages; as well as spiritual tools and practices to overcome them. 

They readings can include recommendations for crystals, stones, essential oils, flowers or other tangible tools to aid you on your spiritual path. As well as practices such as meditation, dance or moon ceremonies. It may also include messages from the angel, fairy, goddess, animal spirit and elemental realms.   

Each reading comes in a beautiful PDF file with a photo of the card(s), a message with insights for your question, as well as a meditation or ritual to help you integrate and embody the messages that come through. 

Once complete your reading will be delivered directly to your inbox. The time it takes to complete and deliver your reading depends upon the query and number of cards requested. (See below for more information.)

Minimum lengths for each reading depends on the number of cards (approximately 600 words minimum for each card pulled). 


One-Card Oracle Readings are available for purchase in my Shop

For Larger Spreads (2+ Cards) or Tarot Readings: Contact me to check availability and book your Reading.

For a full list of Pricing for various spreads: Click Here


Please note that readings take a minimum of 72 hours to complete and send, and could potentially take up to two or more weeks depending on booking availability and reading size.

One-Card Oracle Readings that are purchased through my Shop over the weekend will take a minimum of 5 days to complete. 

What have others said about my Intuitive Card Readings?



"I have been fortunate enough to have several readings performed by [Kristin] and each reading has effortlessly connected to an aspect of my life in great relevance. Her readings have brought me spiritual enlightenment and reassurance to unsteady times and I’m astounded by her accuracy and ability to discover parts of me I never knew of." 

- Norma Abrego


Below is a list of all the decks I own and currently use.


Oracle Decks


Goddess Guidance - receive clear guidance from the Goddesses, from Kuan Yin to Kali.

(Features illustrations by various artists)


Loteria de mi Tierra - reflect on life's messages through the lens of curiosity and youthfulness.

(Features pictograms iconic to Mexican Bingo)


Wisdom of the Oracle - connect with Spirit through the aid of the Oracle, animals and delightful symbolism.

(Features artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia)


Flower Therapy App * - be nurtured and supported with gentle messages from the Flower, Fairy and Angel realms.

(Features photos of real-life flowers)


Spirit Animals App * - open to divine cosmic energy with the collective power of Animal Spirits.

(Features powerful illustrations of various spirit animals)



Tarot Decks


Dreams of Gaia ** - draw symbolism into your life through the four elements and various archetypes. 

(Features illustrations by Ravynne Phelan)


Wildwood Tarot ** - deepen into the mystical realm of nature through the rhythm of seasons and ancient pagan rituals.

(Features illustrations by Will Worthington)



* Available for One-Card Oracle Readings only. 

** Non-Traditional Tarot with all new archetypes, symbols and arcanas. 


These Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended as (or a substitute for) legal, business, medical or financial advice; nor are they considered as (or a substitute for) professional counseling by a licensed therapist.  

For more information read the full Terms of Service


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