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When you enroll as a Wholesale Customer through me you receive:

  • A 25% discount on Retail Prices.
  • Ability to earn Rewards Points that can be redeemed for purchases.
  • Access to a virtual academy of Holistic, Spiritual, and Business courses.
  • Invitation to a supportive and growing online Essential Oils Community. 

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Team Wild Woman Visionary offers more than just an opportunity to make money selling essential oils - it is fertile ground for the building of dreams and unfurling of visions.

In addition to receiving a 25% discount on all retail purchases, as well as opportunities to earn redeemable Rewards Points and free products, you get exclusive perks and bonuses for joining with me.


TEAM SUPPORT & personal mentoring

I am part of a supportive upline team called Blossoms United. 

We are a collective of motivated entrepreneurs focused on incorporating essential oils into our daily lives to enhance spirituality, health and wellness.

As a cooperative (rather than competitive) team structure we aid each other in our efforts to learn and succeed, as we all have room to grow and earn together.

The community is an invaluable support and training resource that has already helped me immensely on where to start in my essential oils business, and how to use the products safely and effectively. As well as teaching me the importance of self-care as part of my business model and daily life.  

As part of your enrollment on Team WWV you receive all the courses, support and training that I do through the BU Community and Academy!

You will also receive mentoring and support personally from me. Although I only recently signed up and am very new to the doTERRA realm - I see the blossoming success around me on my upline team and believe I can achieve (even surpass) my goals. 

With an amazing team by our side, I can help guide you from a place of fresh perspective - being a few steps ahead so I can show you the way.

And heck, maybe you'll even teach me along the way, too!

That is what I love about a cooperative business structure - that people can teach each other and all benefit from the work they do, co-creating and learning as equals.


virtual academy

As I briefly mentioned above, you can also gain access to beautiful courses that will help you start and grow your essential oils business; incorporate self-care into your life in a spiritual and holistic way; as well as integrate additional services, offerings and knowledge into your existing, growing or aspiring spiritual, holistic or creative business.


Everyone who enrolls through me gets immediate access to the following BU business courses:

  • 21-Day Fast Start - How to set up your doTERRA business and make money.

  • 5-Day Fast Start - Focuses on (4) Mood Management Blends and teaches you how to host your first essential oils workshop.

  • Aromatherapy 101 - A quick and easy to review resource that has vital information on how to use your essential oils safely and effectively (including dilution ratios, oil guides and more).


You also have the potential to earn these following courses: 

Diamond Leadership Training

Holistic Tarot Reading

Journey to Self-Healing & Self-Discovery

Life Code Aromatherapy

Vibrational Crystal Healing


Wild woman visionary perks & goodies

As members of Team WWV, you will have opportunities to receive some cool gifts upon enrollment, as well as the ability to enter for exclusive giveaways and earn bonuses as you build your essential oils business!

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