Commission Kristin Lewis



"Art for your altar, creations from the heart..." ™

Do you have a vision that you desire to see brought to life?

Are you dreaming of a beautiful piece of art that will grace your Sacred Space?


Kristin Lewis offers a wide array of styles and mediums to suit your needs!


Art for your:

  • Home & Living Space
  • Office & Creative Studio
  • Spiritual Altar 
  • Meditation Room
  • ...and More!!

What have others said about Kristin's Custom Artwork?


“Kristin Lewis is a visionary. Her art transports you to the beginning of time, when we were all shapes and smells and winds of candor. I especially like her roughs, as it’s shade after shade of creation and shows how seductive the art of making can be. I look forward to her endeavors and what she may reveal about ourselves.”  

- Kim Swanson

View the Portfolio below to see examples of custom art created for clients or visit the Gallery to see a wider range of her work.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom art piece, Contact for availability, details and pricing. *

Custom Character Sheet featuring client's custom Diablo character and Tarot Cards featuring characters and icons from Doctor Who, The Avengers and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

(Characters and icons copyright to Marvel Comics, BBC and Alan Moore. Artwork copyright to Kristin Lewis 2012-2015 while rights of the physical artwork are retained by the clients who commissioned them.)

* Prices vary from project to project and depend upon varying factors, such as: size of finished piece; chosen medium, canvas or paper; complexity of details; time and labor taken to complete from start to finish.


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