Starting Before You’re Ready



It is often far too easy to get caught up in the trap of perfectionism.

All the to-do’s that take up our attention, telling us that there’s still so much more to do before we can even start.

Before too long those lists of should's and obligations are growing like weeds and overrunning the peaceful gardens of our creative minds – stalling us from ever taking action on our dreams and leaving us fighting an endless battle that could ensue until the end of time if we let it.

So how do we break free from that cycle? How do we disrupt the pattern that we’ve been stuck in for so long it’s become our own version of normal?

It’s about turning off all the noise and listening to the stillness within.

When I was fully immersed in the process of designing my website and getting my business ready to launch I got caught up in the perfection trap - burying myself beneath a gigantic list of tasks that in my head “had to be completed” before I could ever share my gifts with the world.

Which only led to intense exhaustion and resentful burnout before I had even left the gate.

And if I knew I was going to run not only a successful but also a sustainable business something had to drastically change (and fast) if I were to break out of this cycle for good.

So I disconnected from technology and my current projects, sat with the silence, and listened to the small still voice within – my intuition.

At first my mind was swarmed with the buzzing of a million thoughts chattering at me that there was still so much work to do and I had to keep going if I was going to get it all done on time.

But eventually as I meditated in the peaceful surroundings of nature - the hummingbirds chirping overhead as hawks soared in the skies above – I realized that this endless list of to-do’s had become the very block that was holding me back.

What at first was a tool to create focus and guide me in starting my business had evolved into an obstacle that blocked my view of the end goal – forcing me into an unhealthy tunnel-vision mindset that drained my soul, time and physical energy.

I realized that I was using these tasks as an excuse to stay small, stuck and not take risks on my own behalf.

But like the hummingbird and the hawk have taught me – being present and seeing the bigger picture is key to creating balance in a seemingly unbalanced situation.


By bringing ourselves back to the present moment and reconnecting with our big WHY – the reason we do what we do, and who we are doing it for – we ground back in to the nutrients that first inspired us to take action.


So when I returned back to my tasks, though still overwhelmed at all that still had to be done, I slowly crossed off what wasn’t necessary or could wait until further down the road.

Instead of working non-stop morning to night I carved out sacred space and time to draw oracle cards and journal, to nap and snuggle with my kitty, and sit outside in the soothing realm of nature.

I started prioritizing self-care, and even found myself laughing at the importance I placed on some of the items on my list.

And even though I’ve launched my business before I felt fully prepared and I’m still navigating this exciting yet terrifying landscape of being my own boss, I know that this is the perfect moment to begin.

Because it is better to start before we’re ready than to never start at all and regret we never did later on.

And the beautiful thing is – there is so much potential lying dormant within the seeds I have just planted.

There is room for my business to grow, blossom and unfurl in the most glorious of ways, and I look forward to all I will learn as I walk this path before me…


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