My Blossoming Love Affair with Tarot, Part 3


From my first Tarot reading performed by a friend in college, to a deep dive into mythology and Jungian archetypes – my blossoming love affair with Tarot has been quite an evolution over the years.

But even after all the experiences I had I did not fully and deeply understand how Tarot could become an integral part of my spiritual practice and personal development until I was commissioned for a series of art pieces by a fellow creative soul.

Several years ago a friend of mine I had met on Deviantart – a community that allowed artisans of all types to showcase their work in a virtual gallery for free – contacted me asking if I was interested in completing a project for him as a gift for his wife.

He explained that it would be a series of custom Tarot cards with characters from various stories they both loved and admired – from the Avengers to Doctor Who to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more.

I agreed to the commission since it sounded like both a fun and challenging endeavor that would push me out of my comfort zone.

As I only had a handful of experiences with the archetypes and symbols of Tarot this became a deep crash-course into both the Major and Minor Arcana as I had to research every single card in the Rider-Waite deck that I intended to create using the characters he requested.


Needless to say, I became hooked on learning more about the power these cards held in helping me understand my own psyche and inner world. I became so intrigued I spent time gazing at the images of each of the cards as I entered their realm in entirety, learning their language and soaking in their messages with fervor.


The Empress sitting upon her throne with sovereign grace.

The Queen of Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups – each with their own attributes, beauty and strengths.

The Heirophant and his all-knowing gaze.

Strength and how humility and divine grace shone through the woman holding the lion’s mouth shut.

The Chariot with the fiery power to blaze his own path with ease.

Even the archetypes that I created showed me so much about myself as I sat diligently, placing ink upon the glossy cards as I brought the images to life.

The Two of Pentacles showing me how balance is key to a successful life – but turned upside down could show that chaos ensues from a lack of footing.

The Two of Cups showing a moment of triumph as two opposite energies come together to share a toast of victory.

The Tower showing me how both shadow and light can be destroyed to make way for new chapters.

The Lovers and the complexity of their blessed divine union.

And The Hanged Man once more showing up in my life to illustrate how being strange can broaden my horizons into the glorious new – and to not be afraid to let go of who I thought I used to be.

With each card I illustrated I deepened into myself.

With each symbol and archetype discovered I uncovered another facet of my soul.

With each stroke of the pen and marker on paper, I recognized my own gifts and power – feeling the thirst for something greater than what I had known before.

So after completing several fully inked illustrations and many rough sketches I contacted the client and requested that I call the commission complete so I could deepen into my own path.

And this was the beginning of my true spiritual path, where I embarked on my own journey of inner discovery and self-love.

I found sisterhood, my connection to the moon, a deep love and appreciation for my primal body, and uncovered so much about my own tender soul that has made me fall madly in love with this wild ride I am experiencing here on Earth.

In so many ways I haven’t looked back since, and now I own two non-traditional Tarot decks of my own that have acted as guides into my inner realm and have connected me deeply to my own intuition in ways I could only have dreamed of before.


Because in every card, every cell of my body, and every moment lies a world of infinite possibilities…


Are you ready to uncover the unlimited world within you?


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