Why Essential Oils?


Essential oils are a sacred tool for my daily life and spiritual path. 

By using a natural alternative such as this I can take my health and wellness into my own hands, as well as make a positive impact on the world as a whole.

Taking this one small step has led me on a deeper path of healing, connection to the earth, and relationship with my own body, mind, creativity, and spiritual self.

This has been one of the truest and most wonderful gifts from using these sacred tools - is to know myself better as a result, and feel more connected to the world around me in an integral way. 

In addition to using essential oils in a variety of ways, I also have my own sacred reasons for choosing to sell them as part of my business. I don't just sell them because it is an extra source of income, but rather because they inspire me to become a better person and connect me to my bigger purpose here on the planet.

I see this part of my business as an infinite loop, one that brings me back around to all I desire to create and who I desire to become.

As much as this is a chronicle of my personal reflections, it is also meant to inspire you, the reader - to show you all the ways that you can utilize these beautiful gifts of nature in your own life.



Using a variety of essential oils has enhanced my ability to integrate and embody my creative rituals and spiritual practices.

Some oils (such as Frankincense or Cedarwood) ground and center me, helping me be present within the moment so I can focus on what is right in front of me - such as bringing ideas and visions to life. 

Other oils energize and ignite me to take action on what I desire to manifest in the future, helping me to hone my skills with patience and complete projects with greater fruition.

(Wild Orange, Lime, and Peppermint have all inspired me when working on my visual art.)

While others help me drop in more deeply into my meditative practices with ease, as well as give myself that much-needed rest after a long day's work.

As a creative person, my mind has a hard time shutting off for the night or when I'm meditating. Choosing a soothing oil like Lavender I can feel confident that I'll drop into a peaceful state with ease.



Essential oils are a safe alternative to many of the products I have used in the past to manage my health and wellness.

Having this natural tool literally at my fingertips gives me the power to not only manage my own health and wellness any time it is needed in a safe and effective way but grow and thrive as a result. 

If I feel better in my physical body I am able to accomplish more of my goals and reach more people with the work that I do. It's a pure win-win.   

  • Pain Management - eases my muscle soreness, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Mood Management - helps me stay calm, centered, and grounded.
  • Health Management - ability to take care of my body with ease. 



I am also very aware of what I put on my body and use in my home environment. With essential oils on hand, I have a natural alternative for products that normally contain harsh, dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals - such as toothpaste, laundry detergent, and shampoo. 



Those who purchase essential oils or enroll as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate through me are supporting my ability to take care of my family, as well as live a comfortable and sustainable life.

There is a real person behind this business who is dedicated to bringing beautiful content like this to the world - one who desires to be able to pay the bills, eat well, laugh heartily, and not worry about how to make ends meet.

I am one soulful person with a big heart, not a soulless corporation with none at all.



This is by far one of the biggest WHYs for using essential oils.

I know in my heart that by taking conscious and loving actions I can create an impact on the global community and the planet.

By choosing to use essential oils I am making an effort to not put toxic chemicals into the environment such as the watershed, soil, and air.

I also support a greater global vision of cooperation instead of competition.

Since becoming an Independent Wellness Advocate I have seen an immense amount of support and kindness from my team - which is focused on working towards the collective rather than focusing on individualistic ideals.

Our end goal is not about the money (although it is a wonderful benefit) - but rather to empower people to make better decisions for the health and well-being of themselves, their families, their community, and the planet. 

Ultimately, my personal vision extends out into the world and beyond. By using and selling a product I believe in I create a ripple effect that will continue to grow and expand beyond just me.   

If we focus on healing ourselves we can finally begin to heal our relationship with the planet and all its inhabitants. The more connected we are to the bodies we live within, the more we will wake up and recognize that the world around us craves deep healing as well.

Instead of focusing on competition and taking resources without awareness, there will be a shift towards cooperation and reciprocation - a balance of giving and receiving. Just as nature originally intended.


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