Finding Harmony in Times of Chaos


These days, when the media is so full of news stories that break our collective hearts, rattle our foundations, and make us want to give up and cry, it sometimes seems impossible to find any sort of peace within ourselves or the world we live upon.

I get it. I’ve been there so many times I have lost count.

After the election last November I was in a state of shock, and following each month afterward, I have felt a tremendous amount of heaviness, grief, and pain in my system every time I reach for the newspaper, turn on the TV, or sign on to Facebook.

These are trying times we live in – and there have been trying times like these since the dawn of humanity. But in these moments where we are broken down to nothing, torn to shreds, and burned to a proverbial crisp by the state of affairs, we are also refined, polished, and given ample opportunity to rise from the ashes of our former selves stronger than ever.

No, it isn’t always easy. It isn’t always a beautiful, polished process. It certainly does not feel good to endure.

But it is rewarding. It is a time where we can overcome as a collective, rise up together as we shout out to the injustices in unison – our voices becoming one.

It is also a time when it is more vital now more than ever to find the stillness within ourselves and create a truce inside our souls, to bring about peace and usher in a mindset of harmony within the chaos that stirs in our very core.

With the Scorpio New Moon upon us, it is a time that can sting, temporarily blinding us from the truth we thought we knew. It is easy to get caught up in our old stories, wounds, and patterns that have kept us stuck for so long. The places within ourselves that we have long abandoned or since forgotten because it was not convenient to take the time to heal them.

But these are the parts of ourselves we need to bring harmony into. These are the parts of ourselves that are aching for attention, longing for love and acceptance, thirsting for an antidote to wash the dirt away so they can once again see the light.

And when the light comes pouring into those places, they have a chance to sprout, to grow wild towards the sun above, to drink in the medicine of the moon and rain. To exist and endure.

During these last several months of my life where I was steeping deep in the shadows of my own psyche, wading through the muck that had long been pushed out of sight into the hidden crevices of my soul, I was living in a state of my own internal chaos.

If I had chosen to, I could have lived in that place forever, believing the lies I told myself that were not true. That my worth and value were based on how much money I made. That I was not good enough or smart enough to run a business on my own. That I would never succeed and would always fail.

But in this space where I felt the life being squeezed out of me like juice from a fermented orange, I had two choices: to allow myself to be riddled with the bacteria of my doubts, thus destroying me; or to surrender to the process of becoming a glorious elixir that rejuvenated my spirit with hope inside the uncertain darkness.

Even though I am still undergoing the process of finding my center of the storm during times of personal and collective upheaval, I have chosen the latter path – of transmuting the poison of Scorpio’s sting into deep, nourishing medicine that will propel me into the next chapter of my being.

Allowing me to shed the skins of who I used to be so I can become the next version of myself – raw, vulnerable, and full of potent truth to discover. The truth of my own beauty, my inner power, my feminine strength, and deep connection to the divine.

So, as a collective while we still feel the uncertainty of what is yet to come, being thrashed around in the deep waters of the unknown, one thing I know for sure – once the pieces slowly begin to fall into place we will finally see the mosaic mandala that makes up the glorious painting of our existence.

And that, my Wild Ones, is a gift beyond measure.


Photo features artwork by Kristin Lewis of WWV, titled “Harmony From Chaos.” Copyright Kristin Lewis, 2017.

To view more of Kristin’s artwork, visit the Gallery.

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