Why Essential Oils?


Essential oils are a sacred tool for my daily life and spiritual path. 

By using a natural alternative such as this I can take my health and wellness into my own hands, as well as make a positive impact on the world as a whole.

Taking this one small step has led me on a deeper path of healing, connection to the earth, and relationship with my own body, mind, creativity, and spiritual self.

This has been one of the truest and most wonderful gifts from using these sacred tools - is to know myself better as a result, and feel more connected to the world around me in an integral way. 

In addition to using essential oils in a variety of ways, I also have my own sacred reasons for choosing to sell them as part of my business. I don't just sell them because it is an extra source of income, but rather because they inspire me to become a better person and connect me to my bigger purpose here on the planet.

I see this part of my business as an infinite loop, one that brings me back around to all I desire to create and who I desire to become.

As much as this is a chronicle of my personal reflections, it is also meant to inspire you, the reader - to show you all the ways that you can utilize these beautiful gifts of nature in your own life.



Using a variety of essential oils has enhanced my ability to integrate and embody my creative rituals and spiritual practices.

Some oils (such as Frankincense or Cedarwood) ground and center me, helping me be present within the moment so I can focus on what is right in front of me - such as bringing ideas and visions to life. 

Other oils energize and ignite me to take action on what I desire to manifest in the future, helping me to hone my skills with patience and complete projects with greater fruition.

(Wild Orange, Lime, and Peppermint have all inspired me when working on my visual art.)

While others help me drop in more deeply into my meditative practices with ease, as well as give myself that much-needed rest after a long day's work.

As a creative person, my mind has a hard time shutting off for the night or when I'm meditating. Choosing a soothing oil like Lavender I can feel confident that I'll drop into a peaceful state with ease.



Essential oils are a safe alternative to many of the products I have used in the past to manage my health and wellness.

Having this natural tool literally at my fingertips gives me the power to not only manage my own health and wellness any time it is needed in a safe and effective way but grow and thrive as a result. 

If I feel better in my physical body I am able to accomplish more of my goals and reach more people with the work that I do. It's a pure win-win.   

  • Pain Management - eases my muscle soreness, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Mood Management - helps me stay calm, centered, and grounded.
  • Health Management - ability to take care of my body with ease. 



I am also very aware of what I put on my body and use in my home environment. With essential oils on hand, I have a natural alternative for products that normally contain harsh, dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals - such as toothpaste, laundry detergent, and shampoo. 



Those who purchase essential oils or enroll as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate through me are supporting my ability to take care of my family, as well as live a comfortable and sustainable life.

There is a real person behind this business who is dedicated to bringing beautiful content like this to the world - one who desires to be able to pay the bills, eat well, laugh heartily, and not worry about how to make ends meet.

I am one soulful person with a big heart, not a soulless corporation with none at all.



This is by far one of the biggest WHYs for using essential oils.

I know in my heart that by taking conscious and loving actions I can create an impact on the global community and the planet.

By choosing to use essential oils I am making an effort to not put toxic chemicals into the environment such as the watershed, soil, and air.

I also support a greater global vision of cooperation instead of competition.

Since becoming an Independent Wellness Advocate I have seen an immense amount of support and kindness from my team - which is focused on working towards the collective rather than focusing on individualistic ideals.

Our end goal is not about the money (although it is a wonderful benefit) - but rather to empower people to make better decisions for the health and well-being of themselves, their families, their community, and the planet. 

Ultimately, my personal vision extends out into the world and beyond. By using and selling a product I believe in I create a ripple effect that will continue to grow and expand beyond just me.   

If we focus on healing ourselves we can finally begin to heal our relationship with the planet and all its inhabitants. The more connected we are to the bodies we live within, the more we will wake up and recognize that the world around us craves deep healing as well.

Instead of focusing on competition and taking resources without awareness, there will be a shift towards cooperation and reciprocation - a balance of giving and receiving. Just as nature originally intended.


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Finding Harmony in Times of Chaos


These days, when the media is so full of news stories that break our collective hearts, rattle our foundations, and make us want to give up and cry, it sometimes seems impossible to find any sort of peace within ourselves or the world we live upon.

I get it. I’ve been there so many times I have lost count.

After the election last November I was in a state of shock, and following each month afterward, I have felt a tremendous amount of heaviness, grief, and pain in my system every time I reach for the newspaper, turn on the TV, or sign on to Facebook.

These are trying times we live in – and there have been trying times like these since the dawn of humanity. But in these moments where we are broken down to nothing, torn to shreds, and burned to a proverbial crisp by the state of affairs, we are also refined, polished, and given ample opportunity to rise from the ashes of our former selves stronger than ever.

No, it isn’t always easy. It isn’t always a beautiful, polished process. It certainly does not feel good to endure.

But it is rewarding. It is a time where we can overcome as a collective, rise up together as we shout out to the injustices in unison – our voices becoming one.

It is also a time when it is more vital now more than ever to find the stillness within ourselves and create a truce inside our souls, to bring about peace and usher in a mindset of harmony within the chaos that stirs in our very core.

With the Scorpio New Moon upon us, it is a time that can sting, temporarily blinding us from the truth we thought we knew. It is easy to get caught up in our old stories, wounds, and patterns that have kept us stuck for so long. The places within ourselves that we have long abandoned or since forgotten because it was not convenient to take the time to heal them.

But these are the parts of ourselves we need to bring harmony into. These are the parts of ourselves that are aching for attention, longing for love and acceptance, thirsting for an antidote to wash the dirt away so they can once again see the light.

And when the light comes pouring into those places, they have a chance to sprout, to grow wild towards the sun above, to drink in the medicine of the moon and rain. To exist and endure.

During these last several months of my life where I was steeping deep in the shadows of my own psyche, wading through the muck that had long been pushed out of sight into the hidden crevices of my soul, I was living in a state of my own internal chaos.

If I had chosen to, I could have lived in that place forever, believing the lies I told myself that were not true. That my worth and value were based on how much money I made. That I was not good enough or smart enough to run a business on my own. That I would never succeed and would always fail.

But in this space where I felt the life being squeezed out of me like juice from a fermented orange, I had two choices: to allow myself to be riddled with the bacteria of my doubts, thus destroying me; or to surrender to the process of becoming a glorious elixir that rejuvenated my spirit with hope inside the uncertain darkness.

Even though I am still undergoing the process of finding my center of the storm during times of personal and collective upheaval, I have chosen the latter path – of transmuting the poison of Scorpio’s sting into deep, nourishing medicine that will propel me into the next chapter of my being.

Allowing me to shed the skins of who I used to be so I can become the next version of myself – raw, vulnerable, and full of potent truth to discover. The truth of my own beauty, my inner power, my feminine strength, and deep connection to the divine.

So, as a collective while we still feel the uncertainty of what is yet to come, being thrashed around in the deep waters of the unknown, one thing I know for sure – once the pieces slowly begin to fall into place we will finally see the mosaic mandala that makes up the glorious painting of our existence.

And that, my Wild Ones, is a gift beyond measure.


Photo features artwork by Kristin Lewis of WWV, titled “Harmony From Chaos.” Copyright Kristin Lewis, 2017.

To view more of Kristin’s artwork, visit the Gallery.

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What Shadow Work is REALLY Like

 (Photo Credit: TY Photography / Model: Kristin Lewis)

(Photo Credit: TY Photography / Model: Kristin Lewis)


There has been a lot of talk in the spiritual community about embracing the shadows within ourselves to become whole and find our inner light.

With this comment I wholeheartedly agree because it is ever-increasing important work for us as human beings to do. But it is not an easy overnight process as it can often be portrayed in some clever post or meme online.

Shadow work is not simply some trendy concept that is buzzing around the ethosphere, flitting around like some chibi Halloween devil sprinkling red glitter. And it is certainly not sugar-coated or soft around the edges like the “love and light” movement can be.

It is a deep, raw and complex inner process that can tear our very existence to shreds in a matter of minutes, leaving our souls bleeding on the floor of what we come to know as the first levels of rock bottom.

(Those who delve deep in their shadows in this work know very well there are many levels of rock bottom, each with their own very distinct qualities.)

It is not pretty. It is not simple. It is not a process that can be skimmed over like cliff notes in college.

And it is also not linear, sometimes only giving us a moment to breathe as we rise to the surface before another wave pulls us under to face the same demons once more.

Very often shadow work is not polite in its timing and will show up unannounced to turn life upside down, sending us spiraling down a deep rabbit hole of despair.

During the past several weeks of my life I have been initiated through some very intense shadow work of my own that was extremely unexpected in its arrival.

From the fires raging close to home and being cooped up in a dark house with almost no contact with the outside world, to a series of unexpected life changes that were forcing me into a mental head space of personal crisis I have hardly had a moment of peace in the midst of this internal chaos.

It has been a deep dive into my own shadows that has been intensely uncomfortable. The pattern loops of life and death force energies in my system have both taken me into places of deep loving expansion and joy down into a terrifying spiral of mourning, rage and self-destruction.

Deep wounds that I was sure I healed through my spiritual work have been rising to the surface with a vengeance.

I have been forced to face my fears as well as my own ugliness, the places I pushed away for fear of not being loved or accepted as I am - which has manifested as erratic and embarrassing behaviors, as well as deep unending anger and depression.

Needless to say it's been a very vast and shadowy place to navigate. But this is the very nature of what shadow work entails.

As fellow spiritual entrepreneur, Charlotte Eléa, mentioned: “Real shadow work and real release are not pretty processes wrapped up in chants, sacred objects, prayers and images of sultry goddesses. Real shadow work involves swimming in a river of your own sh*t and then crawling out.”

It is so true.

The shedding of skins is not always smothered in rose petals and poetry as it's often portrayed. It is an ugly process that creates monsters within our own minds that threaten to destroy us, the oozing pustules that have long been hidden out of sight that start to bleed through the satin of our souls, ruining the image of perfection we feverishly tried to paint in the night before the light of day exposes us for who and what we truly are.

As humans who falter, as humans who fail. Who bleed, cry, scream and fall apart at the seams.

That is the "me" I have been facing - the ugliest parts of me that I have for too long ignored because they were not convenient to look at and deal with. And learning to embrace this entire journey has been extremely difficult and at times left me in shambles, crying in torment with tears streaming down my face and feelings of unworthiness surging through my body.

But what has been more challenging is learning to embrace the side of me that is truly compassionate, loving and forgiving. The part of me that is in the light. This has been the part of me I have desperately pushed away for fear of having to be vulnerable.

Vulnerable with family and friends. Vulnerable with clients and fellow entrepreneurs. Vulnerable with myself and my own mortality.

It has been a terrifying and wild ride diving deep into the realm of my internal underworld as I grasp at what kept me tethered to my own sense of safety. My grip being pulled away with bloody hands as I free fall into the abyss - the terrifying unknown.

But shadow work is not without its gifts. Though it is not always easy to see when we are in the midst of our own conflict and pain, especially when we are unsure of how to survive the impending darkness we face.

But when the fog clears and the tears dry up the gifts are there waiting for us regardless.

There is a cathartic release of pent up emotions we never had time to process and acknowledge. Facing our shadow side forces us to take a long hard look at what we’ve been avoiding and how we really feel, and by doing this work we can more easily see the warning signs of this behavior in the future.

We are forced to take a long hard look at how we’ve been showing up in the world and truly living our lives. How are we actually acting and is it in accordance with the values we’ve portrayed to others? Without all the filters, cropped photos and edited posts – who are we in the real world? From that point there is an opportunity to align with who we desire to be as well as embrace ourselves in the moment as we are.

Shadow work also offers us a true gift - of deep acceptance of this mortal journey. That we are not perfect and never will we be. It is an impossible task and we need to stop kidding ourselves that we can achieve this. We are dropped down off the high horses we’ve been riding to make ourselves feel better and see life from the perspective of a human being having a physical experience.

It is not one we can easily bypass with more meditation, yoga and self-help books. Rather it is one that can be nourished and embraced with these practices, as well as the life lessons learned from falling down and skinning our knees.

Because that’s what being human is all about - trying and failing, falling and getting back up, hurting and healing.

It is a process. It is lifelong. It Is not always pretty, easy or timid.

But it is OUR journey just the same...


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My Blossoming Love Affair with Tarot, Part 3


From my first Tarot reading performed by a friend in college, to a deep dive into mythology and Jungian archetypes – my blossoming love affair with Tarot has been quite an evolution over the years.

But even after all the experiences I had I did not fully and deeply understand how Tarot could become an integral part of my spiritual practice and personal development until I was commissioned for a series of art pieces by a fellow creative soul.

Several years ago a friend of mine I had met on Deviantart – a community that allowed artisans of all types to showcase their work in a virtual gallery for free – contacted me asking if I was interested in completing a project for him as a gift for his wife.

He explained that it would be a series of custom Tarot cards with characters from various stories they both loved and admired – from the Avengers to Doctor Who to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and more.

I agreed to the commission since it sounded like both a fun and challenging endeavor that would push me out of my comfort zone.

As I only had a handful of experiences with the archetypes and symbols of Tarot this became a deep crash-course into both the Major and Minor Arcana as I had to research every single card in the Rider-Waite deck that I intended to create using the characters he requested.


Needless to say, I became hooked on learning more about the power these cards held in helping me understand my own psyche and inner world. I became so intrigued I spent time gazing at the images of each of the cards as I entered their realm in entirety, learning their language and soaking in their messages with fervor.


The Empress sitting upon her throne with sovereign grace.

The Queen of Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups – each with their own attributes, beauty and strengths.

The Heirophant and his all-knowing gaze.

Strength and how humility and divine grace shone through the woman holding the lion’s mouth shut.

The Chariot with the fiery power to blaze his own path with ease.

Even the archetypes that I created showed me so much about myself as I sat diligently, placing ink upon the glossy cards as I brought the images to life.

The Two of Pentacles showing me how balance is key to a successful life – but turned upside down could show that chaos ensues from a lack of footing.

The Two of Cups showing a moment of triumph as two opposite energies come together to share a toast of victory.

The Tower showing me how both shadow and light can be destroyed to make way for new chapters.

The Lovers and the complexity of their blessed divine union.

And The Hanged Man once more showing up in my life to illustrate how being strange can broaden my horizons into the glorious new – and to not be afraid to let go of who I thought I used to be.

With each card I illustrated I deepened into myself.

With each symbol and archetype discovered I uncovered another facet of my soul.

With each stroke of the pen and marker on paper, I recognized my own gifts and power – feeling the thirst for something greater than what I had known before.

So after completing several fully inked illustrations and many rough sketches I contacted the client and requested that I call the commission complete so I could deepen into my own path.

And this was the beginning of my true spiritual path, where I embarked on my own journey of inner discovery and self-love.

I found sisterhood, my connection to the moon, a deep love and appreciation for my primal body, and uncovered so much about my own tender soul that has made me fall madly in love with this wild ride I am experiencing here on Earth.

In so many ways I haven’t looked back since, and now I own two non-traditional Tarot decks of my own that have acted as guides into my inner realm and have connected me deeply to my own intuition in ways I could only have dreamed of before.


Because in every card, every cell of my body, and every moment lies a world of infinite possibilities…


Are you ready to uncover the unlimited world within you?


If you are interested in booking a Tarot Reading or would like to learn more about my Intuitive Card Reading Services – GO HERE to learn more.

To view more examples of the custom Tarot cards I created for this Commission, visit my Custom Artwork page.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 to uncover the full story.

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My Blossoming Love Affair with Tarot, Part 2


Working with the archetypes of Tarot has positively influenced my life in many ways, and my love for this sacred divination tool has only grown over time. But to be honest working with my decks regularly is a fairly recent development for me.

Even after having a reading performed for me in college by a mutual friend at the time (which I wrote about in Part 1) I didn’t work with Tarot directly or even purchase my first deck until many years later.

Sometimes coming around to what it is we desire takes small steps, like tiny drops dripping from the clouds as they carve away the stone around the once barren temples of our hearts – nourishing our spirit with curiosity as we blossom into being.

Even after secretly working with The Hanged Man archetype in my personal and creative life I still didn’t fully embrace what working with archetypes could offer me. I sidestepped this desire to learn more about Tarot out of internalized shame and fear of what people would think.

But by the time I was finishing up my remaining general education, I took some classes to earn credits for my degree as well as out of interest. It was during this time frame that I stumbled into a Comparative Mythology class that changed my perspective forever – even deepening me into my love for Goddesses, such as the Creator- Destroyer Kali (which is a story for another time).

During the course of the semester I learned a lot about ancient origin stories and myths, and how they have perpetuated over time through the ages. Though one of the sections that piqued my interest the most was the one about Jungian archetypes and how they show up in the human psyche. Many of these archetypes, I later came to discover, are the very same ones reflected in Tarot.

The Magician.

The Ruler.

The Hero.

The Lover.

All archetypes that are clear portals into the subconscious mind and help us to grow in infinite ways.

Luckily, in addition to studying these archetypes on a surface level I had the opportunity to dive deeper into The Trickster archetype – who felt like a facet of The Fool and The Hanged Man.

In my particular essay I chose to analyze the character Dr. Monreau – a character who on the surface is the villain though in his own mind he was the inspired genius who had a vision for the future.

So in my journey in uncovering the psyche of this character I was able to reflect on my own relationship with the victim-villain paradigms within myself. It allowed me to scratch beneath the surface of my inner light and swim deep into my own shadows.

How am I perceived as the villain in the world – while being revered as an inspired genius by others? In what ways do I play the victim and am pulled apart by the very things in which I create, while in other ways how do I perpetuate these shadows through the stories I repeat to justify the actions I take?

Although not the typical feminine archetypes that I normally connect to as a modern-day spiritual entrepreneur – whether soft or strong – learning about The Trickster archetype allowed me to heal the wounds within and identify the facets of myself that many would label as dark, evil or horrendous.

Because being a light-worker isn’t always about being in the light.

We cannot always walk the path of light and love, riding high on our unicorns as we sprinkle glitter into the ethosphere.


Instead we must examine the lost parts of ourselves that are deeply wounded, grotesque and angry. It’s about being a shadow walker who embraces the ugly, the festered, the manipulative and terrifying – because ALL aspects of ourselves are worth cherishing and hold deep medicine for not only our own souls, but also the world.


Because when we embrace our shadow, our light and all in between – we heal the wounds that have long been ignored and can embody this human experience more deeply than ever before.


Be on the lookout for Part 3 coming very soon! Since I expanded so much on Mythology and Jungian archetypes in this post I will be dedicating an entire blog to how I really deepened into my love for Tarot through an ongoing art commission that became a crash course in both the Major and Minor Arcanas, which truly showed me how beneficial it is to work with these archetypes and symbols in my life as a spiritual practice.

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My Blossoming Love Affair with Tarot, Part 1


Working with my Tarot and Oracle decks has become an integral part of my spiritual practice, and I pull cards and journal on them almost daily. But even a few years ago I didn’t anticipate how much I would come to love this part of my journey or how much it would positively impact my life.

Being raised in a Christian home I was taught that divination tools of any sort were evil and “not from God” so I had a deep aversion to them for many years. Despite that I always had an inner curiosity about them, though I never received a clear picture as to why they were bad or what the true intent and purpose of the cards were.

Since the media generally portrayed Tarot in an often negative light I associated the use of the cards with fear, horror, sinners and death - my most vivid memory being from an episode of X-Files where the card reader pulled the Death card and ended up being murdered by an unhinged psychopath.

So to be safe I stayed far away from them. After all, why would I want to end up like that card reader?

But one day in college my husband and I were hanging out with a mutual friend of ours at the time. I had seen he had a Tarot deck of his own and was curious as to what the cards were REALLY all about, so I asked if he could perform a reading for me.

He agreed to my request, got out his deck, shuffled, and drew some cards for me. To this day only one still stands out clearly in my mind: The Hanged Man.

This first instilled fear in me just as it did when I was a child, my heart pounding from the impending feeling that I was somehow disappointing God and my parents – or that the message I received was some sort of dark and ominous omen.


But when I breathed through that feeling, opening my mind to a place of curiosity instead of fear, I ignited myself onto a path that would unfold over the next several years – leading me into beautiful spaces of inner self-discovery and healing.


The Hanged Man, he went on to explain, was not at all scary as the name might imply – but rather it spoke of seeing the world in a new way. Having a fresh perspective on what others might simply overlook; therefore, in essence I was the embodiment of The Hanged Man.

This was such a powerful message that I incorporated this archetype into my life and worked with its energy to open me up to different perspectives and ways of navigating my inner world.

As an artist and visionary I continued to strive to see life in a new way and brought that mindset into the work I created – pushing my boundaries on what it is I could accomplish and bring to fruition.

As time passed the image of that brightly dressed man hanging upside down with the knowing gaze upon his face kept flashing in my mind, and I would smile at this little secret I held within my heart like a seed.

A seed that once planted began to sprout, taking root in the soil of my spiritual fertility – growing into the flower that is has become today. Unfurling over and over as I evolve on my spiritual path.

By listening to the curiosity within and honoring the inner child who simply wanted to understand more about what she was not allowed to learn - I opened myself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

I uncovered layers of my being, explored facets of my soul, and grew into a confident and loving woman by working with the powerful archetypes found in Tarot, mythology and Oracle cards.

What was once first marked as a red flag of fear in my system was simply a checkpoint for me to move through as I followed my heart. And that was the first step to moving beyond what I thought to be true into a space where I could discover my own inner TRUTH and embrace it fully.


Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming very soon - where I discuss my journey into Tarot through mythology and Jungian archetypes, as well as unexpectedly learning more about the cards through an ongoing art commission!

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(A big "THANK YOU" to Penny Philippi for providing the photo for this post!)

Starting Before You’re Ready



It is often far too easy to get caught up in the trap of perfectionism.

All the to-do’s that take up our attention, telling us that there’s still so much more to do before we can even start.

Before too long those lists of should's and obligations are growing like weeds and overrunning the peaceful gardens of our creative minds – stalling us from ever taking action on our dreams and leaving us fighting an endless battle that could ensue until the end of time if we let it.

So how do we break free from that cycle? How do we disrupt the pattern that we’ve been stuck in for so long it’s become our own version of normal?

It’s about turning off all the noise and listening to the stillness within.

When I was fully immersed in the process of designing my website and getting my business ready to launch I got caught up in the perfection trap - burying myself beneath a gigantic list of tasks that in my head “had to be completed” before I could ever share my gifts with the world.

Which only led to intense exhaustion and resentful burnout before I had even left the gate.

And if I knew I was going to run not only a successful but also a sustainable business something had to drastically change (and fast) if I were to break out of this cycle for good.

So I disconnected from technology and my current projects, sat with the silence, and listened to the small still voice within – my intuition.

At first my mind was swarmed with the buzzing of a million thoughts chattering at me that there was still so much work to do and I had to keep going if I was going to get it all done on time.

But eventually as I meditated in the peaceful surroundings of nature - the hummingbirds chirping overhead as hawks soared in the skies above – I realized that this endless list of to-do’s had become the very block that was holding me back.

What at first was a tool to create focus and guide me in starting my business had evolved into an obstacle that blocked my view of the end goal – forcing me into an unhealthy tunnel-vision mindset that drained my soul, time and physical energy.

I realized that I was using these tasks as an excuse to stay small, stuck and not take risks on my own behalf.

But like the hummingbird and the hawk have taught me – being present and seeing the bigger picture is key to creating balance in a seemingly unbalanced situation.


By bringing ourselves back to the present moment and reconnecting with our big WHY – the reason we do what we do, and who we are doing it for – we ground back in to the nutrients that first inspired us to take action.


So when I returned back to my tasks, though still overwhelmed at all that still had to be done, I slowly crossed off what wasn’t necessary or could wait until further down the road.

Instead of working non-stop morning to night I carved out sacred space and time to draw oracle cards and journal, to nap and snuggle with my kitty, and sit outside in the soothing realm of nature.

I started prioritizing self-care, and even found myself laughing at the importance I placed on some of the items on my list.

And even though I’ve launched my business before I felt fully prepared and I’m still navigating this exciting yet terrifying landscape of being my own boss, I know that this is the perfect moment to begin.

Because it is better to start before we’re ready than to never start at all and regret we never did later on.

And the beautiful thing is – there is so much potential lying dormant within the seeds I have just planted.

There is room for my business to grow, blossom and unfurl in the most glorious of ways, and I look forward to all I will learn as I walk this path before me…


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