Kristin Lewis is the sole owner and founder of Wild Woman Visionary™ - a business centered around the exploration of creativity through spirituality, as well as the empowerment of women through the cultivation of the wild woman archetype.

Visionary artist, weaver of words and dancer divine, Kristin brings in her eclectic life experiences and skills in a way that feels practical yet mystical - threading together the cosmic and pragmatic by embodying her gifts and sharing them with the world.

An artist since childhood, Kristin is mainly self-taught in her creative studies - though she did take four years of art in high school (including AP), as well as Color Theory in college.

Ranging in media choice and styles over the years, she has explored a variety of topics from the divine feminine, earth medicine, shamanism, moon magic, social commentary and more.

Having associate's degrees in both Sustainable Agriculture and Humanities, Kristin is passionate about a variety of topics from mythology to environmentalism.

A Women's Circle Leader and Independent Wellness Advocate in addition to her college education, Kristin displays a well-rounded approach to life and business that focuses on spiritual and physical well-being through the creative process, daily ritual and the power of ceremony.  

Kristin currently lives in the lush rolling hills of wine country in Northern California with her husband and cat - where her spiritual stomping grounds reside and where she first started truly integrating the wild woman archetype into her life.

She spends her days bringing her creative visions to life, dancing beneath the moon, singing the songs of her spirit, connecting with soul sisters across the globe, and communing with nature.

"To me, art is a way of life and my greatest form of meditation - each pencil stroke a colorful mantra that opens up my spirit for deep healing, inner exploration and spiritual expression. I truly believe that by embodying our greatest gifts and trusting in that small still voice that urges us to share our joy with the world we can heal the wounds that have long been ignored..."

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